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  At November 18, 2008 at 3:56 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:
Dear brother,Stephen,
God love you ! How're you today ? My name's Joseph Chan wai keung, appreciate your motive,effort in service Papa God,proclaim His love & grace(pls take proper quietness,rest>isa30:15-26,ps1:1-3,josh1:8,9,jh15:1-8,mk16:17-20,isa61:1-11,ps46:10,acts1:3-8).As most of Crist church is less & neglect those,then wither,cool,powerless...refer to my 27 yrs of church's observation). Welcome yr feedback ! How about yr liver now ? I'm very interest in Chinese Medicine & Health Care,I've quite lot of knowledges & methods fr liver & many illnesses healing ! I go service & cell group in Church 611,Tsuen Wan. If U're free, u may ph me at 68435342/send email to me thru,"".
Thks ! Kind,almighty Papa God of all bless you ! He's道 可道, 非常 道 !" See U !.....>>>

yours truly,Joseph Chan.....
Dear Brother Joseph,

Thank you for leaving your comment on my blog. I must apologise that I have not been able to attend to my blog in the past months because I have been very busy. Hence, the delay in responding to your comment.

You are right, it was because of the love and grace of Our Lord, I am still here. I think we all have a mission in this world and I hope when I leave this world I can quietly tell my Heavenly Father that I have fulfilled the mission HE has given to me, like what Jesus said on the Cross: "成了".

May God bless you and your family!

In Christ,

Stephen Char
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