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  At July 22, 2009 at 4:02 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:
Dear Mr Char:
I am a Christian. I want to ask you many questions, hope you are free to answer me.
First, why do Christians suffer from sickness , like cancer , and many Christians died very painfully and very early? Is sickness come from Jesus? I think Christians suffer from many sicknesses is because Jesus want us to learn expectancy , so put some sicknesses on our body.Can Jesus heal our sicknesses? If a person does a lot of sin , will Jesus make him feel very painful in order to punish him? If a person always does a lot of sin and suffer from many sicknesses , can he be healed?

Also, if a person does something wrong , will Jesus take out a big marker to cross out his name from the Life Book and use some methods to punish him?